SRS New Zealand


Investment in people, automation & technology 


In 2001 a new sawmill was built at Rolleston on the outskirts of Christchurch. The latest in computer controlled machinery and scanning technology ensured accuracy and high production. Further investment in automated handling and additional kiln drying capacity has made SRS one of New Zealand’s leading producers and exporters of timber.

Reprocessing and manufacturing facilities at Rolleston include machining, resawing, and assembly lines for pallets, bins and cable drums. Branches at Temuka and Dunedin in the South Island manufacture and recycle pallets and bins. Cable drums are manufactured at New Plymouth in the North Island.


15 minutes

The time it takes to process 1 truck and trailer load of logs.

54 years

How long SRS has been OPERATING. 

Their treatment of machinery is excellent and their expectation for us as a supplier is that we have maintenance programs in place and ensure the tools available are both reliable, and all safety guards are fully operational.
— Supplier